Insightful Phone Psychic Readings

David Champion

The Champion

A champion is someone who sets a good example and supports the success of others. David Champion is an impressive champion in the field of psychic advice. He offers insightful phone psychic reading services, such as medium psychic reading, relationship psychic reading, and many more. He gives his talent to others who call him for guidance and understanding. David pays attention to your worries and uses his psychic skills to assist you in gaining direction and clarity. In addition to being a psychic, he also stands up for those who want order when traveling. Connect with David today and let him be your guiding light on your journey to success.

Early Insight

The journey of David Champion’s psychic abilities began at a young age. It all started when he was just nine years old, answering a phone call at his family’s home. Without giving it much thought, David picked up the receiver and greeted the caller by name before they even spoke. Somehow, whenever someone called, he always knew who was on the other line.

His parents and the callers themselves were taken aback and urged him to stop. At that time, David didn’t realize the significance of his actions and simply thought it was a funny coincidence. Little did he know, this would be just the beginning of a truly remarkable journey.

Independent at Last

Once David gained his long-desired independence, a hidden power began to resurface within him. It was as if he had kept a precious lamp tucked away, shielded from his parents’ watchful eyes, afraid of what it might reveal. However, now free from those constraints, the light spilled forth uncontrollably. Oblivious to psychic phenomena, David soon found himself swept away by a series of perplexing and otherworldly experiences.

An unsettling dream, vivid and unnerving, left him with an unshakable certainty of a sea-bound tragedy. Yet, lacking the knowledge to unravel the meaning behind the fragments, it continued to haunt him—a constant distraction during his midterms. Then, the answer was brought to him in a letter from a friend, who apologized for being out of touch due to the death of her father, who was a ship’s captain.

The Second Rejection

While pursuing his master’s degree, David found that his psychic abilities had become more frequent and intense, demanding his attention. One morning, after completing a night shift in a funeral home, he stopped by the grocery store and discovered his psychic sensitivity turned to its highest level. As he went about his shopping, David could feel the emotional states of those around him. This experience was not new to him, and initially, he tried to push through and continue with his day.

However, upon reaching the cashier, he was overwhelmed by her distress. Suddenly, David blurted out, “Your brother in a Wisconsin hospital will be okay.” The cashier stared at him, blinked once, and then let out an ear-piercing scream. A security guard hurried over, confused by the commotion. As the cashier tearfully tried to explain that it wasn’t a robbery but rather news about her brother, neither David nor the security guard could comprehend the situation.

At that moment, David finally grasped why his parents had reacted with fear to his childhood telephone antics. Uncertain of how he had previously suppressed his psychic ability, David chose to pray deliberately, seeking to rid himself of this gift once more. Remarkably, it seemed to work, at least for a while.


Despite his attempts to distance himself from his psychic abilities, David found himself drawn back to his inherent vocation—guiding and empowering others. As he established a career as a professional speaker, conducting motivational and training seminars, he realized he had never truly let go of his initial calling. The universe had chosen him to assist others, which became evident during a seminar on stress management.

During the session, David was asked a question by an audience member. Instead of providing a generic response, he felt an undeniable urge to provide a highly specific answer tailored to the individual’s situation. It became clear that this person needed more than general advice; they sought direct guidance to navigate their career path and improve their relationships.

In that moment, David comprehended the profound impact he could have by embracing his psychic abilities. Rejecting them no longer seemed like an option. He recognized that he possessed the power to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, offering the guidance and confirmation they yearned for. When the psychic sense came to David the third time, he chose not to reject it but to learn how to use it, and so began a new journey that led him to a very different life than anything he’d imagined for himself.

On Continuing Journeys

Psychic abilities don’t come with an instruction book, but David devoted his energy to learning how to work with his psychic potential, seeking out others who could help him understand and direct his gift. He’s been working as a professional psychic for over 20 years now.

Life doesn’t come with an instruction book either, so we all find ourselves on our own individual journeys. At times, we may yearn for a fresh perspective or a guiding hand to navigate the complexities we encounter. Now that you have a glimpse into David’s extraordinary journey, it’s time to reflect upon your own.

For a truly unique experience, reach out to David Champion and embark on a profound, personalized psychic reading. Contact him at (757) 708-1182.