What’s this all about? Why would I want to talk to a psychic?

There’s a wide variety of reasons to consult a psychic. You may have a specific question, one particular issue in your life that needs resolution. Sometimes you even know the answer, but you don’t know you know it, don’t know if you can trust yourself. It takes an intuitive listener with a broader perspective to confirm for you a decision that, in your secret heart, you’ve already made.

Or you may just be feeling a vague sense of unease, that you’re lacking direction or purpose, maybe even a little bit lost. The very fact that you can’t find the right question to ask is a great reason to call. For many people, finding the question is almost more of a triumph than the answer, which may come soon after with ease.

I simply answer questions using my psychic ability to help you understand your own situation. I specialize in all aspects of relationships from dating potential to dealing with in-laws, out-laws, and co-workers. I describe the situation and people involved, giving you suggestions on what it takes to get the particular relationship back into balance.

Schedule & Call Details

I don’t stick to a fixed weekly schedule. I am available most days and will post a notice on this site if I plan to be away for any unusual length of time. I live in the Eastern time zone of the United States, so if you live more than five or so time zones in either direction, you may want to email readingsbydavid@verizon.net to schedule a time rather than just calling. Of course, there’s no harm in calling first. On my home page you’ll see an indicator of whether I’m currently taking calls or not. Callers receiving a voicemail response should leave their name and number (including country codes if calling from outside the US) for the promptest return call. If you’re not comfortable leaving a call-back number, then simply try me again later.

Calls are $2.50/minute and usually range from thirty to ninety minutes. (30 minutes = $75.00) The call time is set by you at the beginning, though I’m pretty flexible about extending calls upon request. For first-time callers, I recommend clearing your schedule for at least thirty minutes. Even a seemingly simple question can often have a number of moving pieces. Yes-or-no questions are rarely that simple—if they were, you probably wouldn’t have called me in the first place.

Relationships are cool, David, but what are next week’s winning lottery numbers?

I’m not reading The Future; I’m reading you. Anyone who makes claims like that, offering you an effortless and instant payoff, probably isn’t worthy of your trust. After all, if I could look into the future and see winning lottery numbers, why would I share them? With psychics, as with all things in life: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I’m not claiming I can wave a magic wand and make everything better, but what I can do is provide insight and clarity, so that you can make things better. And in the end, that’s the more satisfying triumph.

Are you reading my destiny?

While I can tell you what I see in your future, this is not written in stone. What I see is based on what you’re currently doing. If you, after your reading, make some changes to the way you’re dealing with situations, then you can change that future. This is one of the most rewarding parts of the job for me. I can see where your energy is directing you, and if that isn’t where you want to be, I can help you redirect.

Your website says you’re available, so why did I get voicemail?

I’m speaking with another caller. Alas, I only have one of me to go around. The indicator of my availability isn’t connected to my phone or anything like that—at least not yet, so I simply turn it on when I start my day and turn it off when I’m leaving or eating or done for the day.

You should feel free to leave a message, even if you have to call me again to leave one this time. Assuming I don’t have another call scheduled, the voicemail is the first thing I’ll check at the conclusion of a call.

Why are they called Psychic “Readings”? What’s that all about?

A common metaphor for a psychic’s interaction with a caller is “reading” because it’s the easist way to explain the experience. You may also have heard “second sight,” but psychic ability is a sight that can be improved by practice. Much the way you learn to read a book and soon have vivid pictures of the action in your mind’s eye, I’ve learned to read people by focusing attention on them, in a way that’s very difficult to describe. And just as the book must be opened to be read, so must you. Psychic powers aren’t like the kinds of things you see in movies, like mind control or garbage like that. Your consent is more than respected—it’s necessary.

Can you guarantee you’re 100% accurate?

I can’t guarantee that, and I’d have trouble believing anyone who did. Often you’ll be able to tell when I’m hitting the mark because what I’m saying will resonate. I’ve often had the experience of telling someone how I see their situation, and they say, “I knew it!” Many people are calling to confirm or more deeply explore something they already know at some level, but haven’t accepted or looked at head-on. If what I’m telling you seems remote, too disconnected from your understanding of things, then I may not be the psychic for you. We simply may not have made a connection. If that should happen, I will tell you that I cannot read you and suggest you seek another psychic.

I also can’t guarantee that you’ll like what you hear. I’m not here to tell you what you’d like to believe; I tell you what I see. And that is what I CAN guarantee: that I will give you the information as I see it. Sometimes people aren’t ready to hear something. It’s not unusual for me to receive a call from someone years later, just so that they can tell me I was correct after all, and to thank me for being honest with them even though they hadn’t wanted to hear it.