He was exactly who I needed to talk to. Thank you David.

-- U.02 - June 21, 2020

Very honest and upfront. I really appreciated your reading. You went above and beyond! Thank you.

- V. 2 - 5/15/20

GREAT!!! You have to be honest with yourself because he’s honest with you …. Definitely going to call him again.

- U. 5 - 5/5/20

Honest, tells it like it is and really listens to you. H really is spot-on … unbelievable so … I will definitely call him again.

- H.T. - 4/14/20

Very compassionate person and insightful too. Give him a try — you will not regret it.

U. 9 - 4/9/20

Thank you so much David! You are a delight to speak to and gave me so much information. I appreciate your time and your help. Will keep in touch.

- U.45 - 3/22/20

You are a wonderful person! Thank you so much for inspiring me! David is definitely great; please give him a call!

- H.B. - 3/18/20

Amazing … helps you see what you really already know and make sense of it.

- Catherine - 3/2/20

Now I must say, I don’t think I’ve had someone pick up so much and smoothly convey what is necessary to be told to me. I don’t say that I’m a difficult person to read, but not everyone knows what to say – what needs to be said – or even really sees ME. He’s honest and you’ll appreciate getting a reading from David.

- S.A. - 2/29/20

Thank you for your powerful and blunt insights. I appreciate the messages you helped me channel. Look forward to speaking again, David.

- E. U. - 2/17/20