Great read. Great conversation. Spot on.

2/21/21 - Josie

Very kind soul. Gets straight to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush.

2/6/21 - U. 26

Always the best! Clear, compassionate, and supportive. Thank you David!

1/29/21 - Kay

You’re amazing, David! I appreciate your honest, accurate, caring and sincere reading and insight. More blessings your way!

1/2/21 - U. 8

David is a terrific support system. He really cares!

12/22/20 - D. 4

Very straightforward. Won’t sugarcoat anything. Learned a lot about myself and what I need to do to get my love back.

11/17/20 - G.S.

That was an awesome conversation! I have no idea how you knew the things you did. Wow! That was so worth it.

10/31/20 - T.4

David’s ability to read not only the people in my life, but the people affecting them is uncanny. Really helpful in getting me to see what is best for me and how to be effective in negotiating a sticky situation.

9/3/20 - Sue

Thank you David for tonight. Your words were heard. Thank you for the reminder not to repeat my past. You gave me food for thought tonight which is appreciated.

-- 8/10/20 - M. 04

He is extremely gifted, honest and direct. I highly recommend him!!! He is a must call. 🙂


-- Sunny - 7/3/20