Great as usual.

H. 10/11/18

Excellent and fast!

R. E. 9/18/18

WOW!!! Can’t wait to talk to you again. Wow!!

P.A. 9/2/18

Thank you so much! Hope your prediction comes true for me! I will use your guidance in my selection of who I have around from now on.

L. L. 8/22/18

Thank you David — You latched on to what I was feeling immediately. All I said was my name and you picked up on years of baggage that I haven’t unloaded. Thanks for being candid and not pulling any punches.

M. R. 8/13/18

Amazing! I had read the reviews, but I was not prepared for the amazing accuracy and detail of the call. There were things that I had not even admitted to myself, which were true, but once he pointed them out, they absolutely made sense. I cried at the revelations he spoke to me about. How could he know these things!!! I will definitely call him back, once that I have digested all that he has already told me. Call him but be prepared to swallow a pill of truth, even if it hurts.

C.A. 7/30/18

He was great! I called without reason and he helped me learn more about my father’s/mother’s personalities!

U.C. 7/2/18

You need to call this psychic. Every time I’ve called him he not only had words of wisdom because he cares, but his predictions come true.

M.B 6/29/18

Thank you … you were right!

L.A. 6/12/18

No need for birthdays. All he needs is a name and he’s off and running. You get your money’s worth. Has a pretty grounded approach to fixing problems.

M.M. - 5/28/18