What started out as maybe an awkward start turned into an impactful conversation — leading to clarity. If I didn’t trust my gut and opted to not stay on the call with him, I would have remained unclear all day and probably spent the say speaking to people who will tell me what I just wanted to hear.

U. 55 - 4/7/19

This man dug deep! He is exceptional!! Highly recommend.

J.T. - 3/26/19

He is very gifted. Thank you for your insight.

S. 721 - 3/9/19

Funny guy … quick and to the point … I could have easily spend an hour talking with him. It was a fun good reading. Thanks.

F.G. - 2/22/19

He was very forward with the answers, which I greatly appreciated. I felt as though he was really giving me great insight to the situation and he was not sugar coating his feedback. Also gave me input about other issues that I knew were an issue for me, but hearing it from him, I knew they were more significant issues than I had thought.

U.063 - 2/14/19

Great insight, valuable feedback!

U. 62 1/8/19

David is amazing. I have spoken to him twice and both times everything he said was so true, and also amazing to hear what he had to say. I will contact him again. Thanks.

B. J. 1/2/19

Always a great call. I recommend you call David.

S. E. 12/27/18

Awesome and very accurate!

G. 44 12/14/18

Thanks so much for confirming what I was feeling with work!

K. S. 12/3/18