Nice and caring. Gives straight and honest answers. Thank you.



Definitely a go to person for your questions and the guidance you seek.  David, you are encouraging, uplifting, and, most of all, on-spot. Thank you for your honesty. I am not disappointed at all; I look forward to the unraveling of truth.



Excellent reading. I called about career issues and my company. Spot on with everything.



Wow … I learned a lot! Great call!!! Thank you!



Good connection. He provided me with information that helped “guide” me to what my next step should be. He read me very well. Thank you!



Outstanding reader who dives into detail quickly, with little or no prompting! Truly a delight to speak to.



Overall, a great reading. David is able to connect and respond quickly. He definitely does not sugar coat. So you might not hear everything you want to hear, but whatever news you get will be given in a professional manner. I do recommend David Champion.

L. G.


First time caller. David saw my situation after not even one sentence. He outlined everything, validated everything, and told me what is going to happen. David is a sweet gem … kind, compassionate and just a love. Thank you David … I will be in touch soon.

G.B. - 6/10/17

It’s scary how on point he was with all the information he gave me without having to tell him much. I wish I could have had more time to talk, but I will call him again.

M.B. 41 - 6/8/17

Wow … you are amazing. Thank you so much. I will call back to continue our conversation. Thank you again!

W-G - 5/24/17