Wow … you are amazing. Thank you so much. I will call back to continue our conversation. Thank you again!

W-G - 5/24/17

This was definitely a “come back to reality” call that I needed. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear BUT what I needed to hear. Not being in a relationship for a very long time and finally opening myself up to dating, it was kind of easy for me to fall for the “tall, dark and handsome” and not really be objective about the consequences of my naive decisions. David gave me some very good advice that I have embraced to help me focus my thoughts and let go of anger and negative emotions. It was a pleasure speaking with you today, David. I appreciate you and your genuine concern and honesty. Thanks again.

LFM - 5/21/17

He is a pleasure to speak with. He is really in tune with me and gave me a lot of options as far as my career choices. I will definitely call him back to update him on my progress. Thank you so very much for everything.

L.L. - 5/20/17

Called for a medium to talk to my friend who crossed over. He could describe him accurately and that he is confused and not sure where he is. He described our friendship and then really was in tune with reading me. Very interesting, caring, funny guy! Great conversation and encouragement. Reminds you that his readings do not mean it is set in stone, and that people have free will, but that the opportunities are there if you want! Awesome. Call him!

Meg - 5/9/17

David is very interesting and amazing all at the same time. He has a very different style. If you are looking for accurate numbers or times that is not what you will get. You will get the overall big picture and the truth to what you need in order to progress and move forward, which I think is more important than just one exact time frame. I highly recommend David. He is worth it!!

Anna - 4/21/17

He knows what he’s talking about, that’s for sure. It’s just something about his style that’s a little different. Nonetheless, he is REALLY a psyshic and he is honest. It just takes a moment to adjust to the style to receive the message.

M.Z. - 4/18/17

It was truly amazing talking with you and I will be calling you again! You were spot on with everything you said to me. and I will follow your advice on my situation. Thank you immensely for your advice and insights. You made my heart sing with your kind words and your reassurances.

J.B. - 4/15/17