No need for birthdays. All he needs is a name and he’s off and running. You get your money’s worth. Has a pretty grounded approach to fixing problems.

M.M. - 5/28/18

You are hilarious, David! Loved our call. No time to continue unfortunately since the gentleman I was asking you about sent a message about meeting for a coffee right as we were chatting about him.

H.I. - 5/4/18

Thank you for calming my mind. I appreciate your message.

O.L. - 4/26/18

Very helpful! And quick to pick up on my energy.

S.A. - 4/8/18

First psychic to ever call me out and read me fully. Seriously, I have been waiting for someone to be able to read me for real. Dead on regarding my hubby also. If you’re looking for a feel-good, fun-time psychic, David is not the one. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not doom and gloom, just no fluff. Do not call if you can’t handle being told the truth. Thank you so much! Will definitely call again!

L.L. - 3/28/18

Thank you for answering business questions. Helps tremendously.

P.S. - 2/21/18

David is just awesome! Right on point and tells it like it is. No sugar!! Thank you David. I will keep you posted as to how things unfurl ….

M.B. - 1/27/18

He is always great! I will call back again, and again.

M.A. - 12/13/17

He described me perfectly and locked right into what is going on around me. Very nice man and very good to talk to. (Len)


David has been a trusted advisor who has been right about most things for me for many years. I have learned to trust his advice and he is awesome. He seems to read energy and personality traits like no one else. You need to discern and listen and decide for yourself. BUT if you look back to what he says, you will know that it has influenced you in a most truthful way and you will learn to take what he says again and again! Call him and use what he says along with what you feel for yourself.