A must call! I am a repeat caller because of his accuracy!

U. 611 - 8/4/19

He gave meĀ  a wake up call that I desperately needed — I am so grateful to have talked to him. He picked up on everything that was going on.

K.d. - 7/24/19

Truly amazing insight and clarity into my psyche, my loved ones, and co-workers and situations. Highly recommend!

T. - 7/11/19

David is a great resource to talk to about people around you and where you are headed. He can read situations and people very well — and he cares about you! Thank you David!

U. 438 - 7/4/19

Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for the kindness. Thank you for telling me like it is.

M.R. - 6/21/19

Omg, it’s like he knew me. David you are a breath of fresh air. If I had more money I could talk to you all day. Thank you.

K - 6/3/19

Always a pleasure. I truly enjoy speaking with David. Picks up my energy and that of those around me.

CYC - 5/24/19

Very on point.

M. 5173 - 5/6/19

Sweet man, sweet conversation, and thank you for the clarity!

Kdmj - 4/27/19

The best reading I have ever had.

U. 839 - 4/7/19