The Champion

A champion is not someone who wins for himself, but the one who helps others to rise. David Champion offers you psychic insight and advice over the phone. Whether you have a specific question or just need a new perspective, David listens and uses his psychic gift to help you on your journey.

Early Insight

David’s first psychic experience came when he was nine years old and allowed to answer the family telephone. He didn’t think anything of it when picking up the receiver and greeting a caller by name before they had a chance to say hello. Somehow he always knew who was on the other line. His parents (along with some of the people calling) were freaked out, and young David was told in no uncertain terms to “knock it off.” At the time, he didn’t realize he’d done anything special, just thought it was funny, and he wondered why the adults were making such a big deal of it. He stopped doing it, though, and might never have thought about it again, except…

Independent at Last

…the gift returned to him after he left home. It was as if he’d hidden a lamp under a bushel so his parents wouldn’t find him reading. Once on his own, though, the light couldn’t help but leak out. Knowing nothing at the time about the subject of psychic receptivity, David had a number of increasingly strange experiences.

A vivid and terrifying dream gave him the clear certainty that there had been a death at sea, but he lacked the tools to connect the pieces and understand whose, or what it had to do with him, so it just kept recurring—a distracting experience during midterms. Fortunately, the answer was brought to him in a letter from a friend, who apologized for being out of touch due to the death of her father, who was a ship’s captain.

The Second Rejection

By the time he was studying for his master’s degree, the psychic lucidity had increased in both frequency and intensity, and he could ignore it no longer. One morning, after working a night shift at a funeral home, he stopped for groceries and found his psychic sensitivity turned way up. He could feel the emotional states of everyone around him as he went about his shopping. This had happened before, and David attempted to go on with his day, but then he came to a cashier and could feel her distress.

It came to him all at once, and he blurted out: “Your brother in a Wisconsin hospital will be okay.” She looked him right in the face, blinked once, and then screamed. A security guard came running over as the cashier began crying. She tried to explain that it wasn’t a robbery, that it was about her brother, but she wasn’t making sense to them, and David didn’t know what to say either.

At last he understood why his parents had been so freaked out by his childhood antics with the telephone. He didn’t know how he’d gotten rid of it the first time, but this time David chose to deliberately pray the psychic ability away. And it worked, for a while…


David became a professional speaker, doing motivational and training seminars. In retrospect, it seems he never really stepped away from the calling he’d received from the start: to help guide others and give them the tools to recognize that they could help themselves. It was during a seminar on stress management that the psychic sensitivity returned. When David responded to a question from an audience member, he found himself giving a very specific answer for that person’s situation rather than speaking to the general topic.

At that moment, David understood the good that he could do with his psychic abilities. This person didn’t need vague instructions about how to deal with stress! That wasn’t the real reason he’d asked the question. No, that audience member needed direct guidance, someone to confirm that he was on the right path careerwise and to help him reconsider his approach to his personal relationships.

When the psychic sense came to David the third time, he chose not to reject it, but to learn how to use it, and so began a new journey that has led him to a very different life than anything he’d imagined for himself.

On Continuing Journeys

Psychic abilities don’t come with an instruction book, but David devoted his energy to learning how to work with his psychic potential, seeking out others who could help him understand and direct his gift. He’s been working as a professional psychic for over twenty years now.

Of course, life doesn’t come with an instruction book, either. Everyone is on a journey, and we can all use a little help, if only to view things from another perspective. Now that you know a bit about David’s journey, what about yours?

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