Random thoughts for today: Over the many years and thousands of readings there’s one question most frequently asked of me … “Is he/she the one?” My answer is “Ask yourself: do I trust him or her?”

Trust is a big part of all types of relationships, as you may already be aware from my blog from 2017. When it’s a love relationship and you’ve asked yourself the question, if the answer is anything other than “yes,” as in “Yes I trust this person” the relationship will not sustain itself.

One of the big challenges faced by couples is how they solve problems. If the solution involves yelling, bullying, or other negative and hostile behaviors, this relationship will not be able to last. At the very heart of a good relationship is respect.

Love is a practical skill. When most people think of falling in love, they speak of it as if they were falling into a big hole. The truth is they should be falling into a big whole, because love is about being conscious of another … plus yourself. Love is made up of the small kindnesses, repeated numerous times, that create a whole relationship. Love can be learned and understood, and it can be improved by practicing those kindnesses and by being fully aware of how you work as a couple.

Love is one ingredient to a well-lived life – so take the time to learn to care for the two of you!

Love and Trust
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