In every decision you have made, and in every decision you will ever make, you had/have a choice. That choice is to really listen to what you feel.

People call me all the time asking, “What should I do?” They are unable to tell the difference between the facts and the events of the situation, and what they feel. They search their life’s experiences …. “Oh,” they say, “this employer/date/friend is like that situation.” If it were the same, they would  be at peace dealing with the situation, but generally they are not exactly the same, so the person calls me.

Recently a caller asked about a boyfriend. She related her story and when she asked, “What should I do?” I responded by asking, “Do you trust him?” “Mostly,” she responded. “Mostly? It’s either ‘yes’ or ‘no I do not trust him.’ ” “Well, in that case, I don’t.”

She’d had her thinking and feeling confused. Whatever you feel is correct. If you’re about to do business with someone and something doesn’t feel right, ask yourself, “How do I feel about the project and the people?” This could apply to anything. Trust your feelings!

While a psychic can tap into this quickly and tell you what is happening or has happened, and about whether you do trust or not, with thought and practice you can learn to trust yourself. How? Take a deep breath or two and then ask yourself how you feel. In that moment, all the confusion should melt away and how you truly feel will be shown to you. This power will help you to make better decisions.

So begin today. No one has to know that a psychic sent you.

The Choice
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