Today is February 3rd, so yesterday was Groundhog Day … a day of celebration! This “holiday” is an interesting throwback to times of the past – dare I say more primitive times — during which people paid more attention to nature. Watched, observed, noticed everything, and knew signs of weather and animals. People followed the signs – signs that were in the forests, or great rivers, or prairies. Pay attention and you will survive. Pay attention and you will thrive.


Today we have too much information – so much so that I often hear the inner conflicts when clients call me. “I think;” “I feel;” but never “I know.” The annual day of the groundhog serves as a reminder to us to trust our instincts. Whatever you feel about a situation or person(s) is most likely correct. When in doubt, trust your (higher) intuition. And, of course, if you need validation of your intuition, give me a call!

Groundhog Day
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