Welcome to my website

… the 5th one I’ve had since 2000. [I have also gone through 3 coffee

makers, 4 microwave ovens, and 3 shredders! The loss of each microwave oven would make an

interesting tale by itself … but I digress.]

I will be using blogs to express some of my random thoughts on life from a psychic perspective,

some of my adventures, and what I have learned in my years of doing thousands of readings.

Random thoughts for today:

When I was growing up, my primary food groups were candy, pastry, soda, and ice cream. Now

I’m eating 1600 calories a day and have lost 27 pounds.

I am dyslexic. If I’ve ever responded to an e-mail to any of you, you may have already figured

that out!

I begin each day by meditating, praying and reading. Then – if I have a working shredder – I

shred a few items.

The learning curve in being a psychic was surprising … the tests came first – again and again –

and then the lessons followed.

So here is my first understanding from both a psychic and a dyslexic point of view: things are

often not what they seem. Words change. Re-check; re-read. People change; nothing is set in stone.

People and/or events are not necessarily what you think or understand them to be. Mostly it is not what

happens to us, it is how we react. If you change your reactions, you can change outcomes of events and


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