The New Year Reimagined

People ask me all the time about my psychic life and my psychic experiences, so here I’m offering a few suggestions based both on readings of others and of my personal experiences.

It begins like this: January 1 – your energy’s up and you put that energy into your hopes and dreams with New Year’s resolutions. But a resolution can’t start a revolution in your life unless you connect with who you really are and your true desires.

If you’ve had a rough spell, begin by imagining that you like your life and that you have power over your choices as of right now!

Start the year by apologizing to yourself, and to all the people who are important to you. Tell them you will do better – and DO it! Love more, be more patient, and give more of yourself in time, energy, and attention.

And be consistent!

Be vulnerable. Find a time each day for prayer and meditation. It doesn’t have to be long – and the time of day doesn’t matter. (I personally try to do this at the start of each day before I plug my phones in to take calls.) End this quiet time by being grateful for those you love and for those who have been a challenge to you … this second group can still be people you love, frenemies, bosses, neighbors, and others.

Let’s try in 2016 to make the world a better place. In the end it’s all about love, so pray and/or meditate that we endure and that love overcomes all obstacles.

Each person is a light, and each person casts a light. As an ancient Chinese proverb said, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Now you begin.

Now you decide.

Hope and faith or cursing the darkness? It’s your decision.

Bless you,


The New Year Reimagined
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